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Who are we?

Brian and Neil found common ground in their willingness to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of acceptable discourse. They did this with the intent of celebrating difference while appreciating their common humanity. In their early conversations it was quickly revealed they shared a desire to highlight the value gained from diversity of thought and the importance of intellectual curiosity.


They wanted to find a way to build upon the benefits realized through the inclusion of varied perspectives. Their little community of two quickly became our creative outlet, a space where despite their differences, a professor and a poet could find civil debate, common ground and mutual respect. This then, in its truest sense, is a labour of love, a community of hope and a place where creativity can be unleashed and shared.

The Ghost of Sinope Blog

Diogenes of Sinope was considered the founding father of Cynicism and the inspiration for The Ghost of Sinope. This blog was developed because we recognized that there is a growing attitude of jaded negativity, disillusionment and distrust of integrity in society today. People are unsure about their elected leaders, religious leaders and even their own place in the world.  There is a polarization in our collective thinking that is driving us apart and The Ghost of Sinope blog wants to question these things and have a genuine discourse about them.


SG Productions and The Ghost of Sinope blog and poetry is only the beginning of the adventure, and we are happy that you have decided to come along with us. 

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