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An image showing  one person but separated into two

Heaven, Hell

Are these, two sides of the same coin?

Good, Bad

Happy, Sad

One seems so much easier to malign

Us against Them

Beat down the Stranger

They don’t look like us

They must be a danger

Black against White

Please beat them down

And let’s not forget about

Yellow and Brown

My views are right

My god is much stronger

He will win in the end for

He is the conqueror

I know what’s best for

All of humanity

I have all the answers and

All else is profanity

Hot, Cold

Weak, Bold

Surely the coin can be turned over

Dirty, Clean

Outside, In

Let’s all try to find the impostor

I must play the victim

Then I will be the heel

When will this ever end?

This vicious double deal

Rich against Poor

A historical misalignment

One above the other

In perpetual disagreement

War, Peace

Predictable, Caprice

Always we stand against one another

Enemy, Friend

Beginning, End

But what happens if the other is your brother

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1 Comment

May 31, 2023

Words worth considering, for sure. Considering the global scourge of genocide fueled by white supremacists plan of subjugation of all other races under capitalist fascism, I would suggest switching 2 words to make this truth clear: "White against Black" and all the words subsequently, painfully and truthfully will fall into place. Peacefully, Loretta Fisher

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