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What if they were wrong

Image of a gladiator helmet and the handle of a sword
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The only thing that history teaches us is that we are a stubborn, militaristic race. Our past is replete with countless atrocities, brutality and carnage and we have learned nothing from it. We continue to subjugate, belittle, demean, destroy, and plot against each other. It may be argued that humanity has also risen to the mountaintops when it comes to charity, compassion, and altruism. However, these are too often separated by extended period of war and killing. Even on a micro level we see fighting and discord among families – and not even extended families, but brother against sister and husband against wife. It seems like we seek strife and feel uncomfortable in harmony.

Still, dissatisfied with arms and armaments that would kill each other, we created weapons that could annihilate us all. So thus, we have stood on the brink of destruction; at the edge of the precipice waiting for one crazed dictator, one religious fanatic or one desperate despot to push a button from where there would be no return. Unfortunately, stepping into this abyss, would mark the eventual end of humanity was we know it. Faced with such destruction, we would quickly devolve into our most base instincts – wanton violence in the pursuit of power and control. The very same thing that would have brought us to this place to begin with.

There are those among us who would find hope in that. Their religion tells them that humanity was bred in war and destruction and only their God can break the cycle. They would see this as the fulfilment of prophecy. Welcome the destruction as the beginning of renewal. A new genesis amidst the chaos, madness, and anarchy of the “end-time.” This helps them to look past the atrocities being committed in the present and dream of a better future.

What if they’re wrong?

What if God wanted them to leave judgement up to him? What if he knew that it was impossible for humans to be unbiased? What if he knew we could not be trusted to always do what was right no matter which religion we say we follow? What if, instead of hating people, calling people names, belittling them for the religion they follow, bullying them for the colour of their skin, berating them for their gender or sexual orientation or demeaning them for the choice of government they support they do what the Bible says and just love them while leaving judgement up to God.

How different would the world be right now?

How different would your own life be?

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