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An Inevitable Meeting

A poem by Brian Sankarsingh - (Excerpt from ‘A Sliver of Chance’ reproduced with permission)

Death levels the playing field with its finality and incongruity. The richest man who enjoyed a life of luxuries can die alone and unloved, while the poorest man may be surrounded by loved ones. Yet one unassailable fact is true for every single one of us; rich, poor, white or black, priest or sinner, we all have this meeting written in our future.
A woman at the edge of an precipice

Often when pursued by Fate,

The lives of men are guided straight

Into the embrace of the dead,

Therein to rest their weary head

Upon Death’s callous bosom, dread.

For strive and struggle, as they may,

The hands of Fate to hold at bay,

She does reach forth;

Her icy fingers,

Upon their mortal necks, they linger.

Despite our plans and worthless schemes,

One appointment still remains:

We are all guaranteed, alone,

A fateful date that’s drawn in stone,

To face our maker on His throne.

He sits upon the darkened throne;

There he sits, but he alone.

Gazing out upon the earth,

As men took part in mindless mirth

Of all things good, there was a dearth.

They did forget their fate to stand,

Underneath that throne, so grand.

There his judgement to receive,

For all their thoughts, words, and deeds.

For every race, religion, and creed.

Then on their brow worry did show,

Beneath the frost and driven snow.

They tried to hide their lies and hate,

Thinking they could forestall Fate.

But on each soul was stamped a date.

Oh man, now I see my mistake,

You cannot hide in dell or lake.

Soon will come your end of days,

And you too will stand, before that gaze,

After the number of your days

To read more of Brian's original work make sure to check out his book A Sliver of a Chance: Insights and Observations of a Canadian Immigrant

This inaugural poetic journey unapologetically delves into the heart of the most challenging issues facing our world today. Plunge into this thought-provoking exploration of political intrigue as Brian Sankarsingh takes on the traumatizing and divisive topics of systemic racism, colonialism, and Black Lives Matter.

This book of poetry provides discerning insights into the struggles faced by the most vulnerable people in Canadian society. The trials and tribulations of Black people, people of colour, immigrants, and people suffering from mental health and addiction all find their voices here.

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