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I hate my life with an abiding hate

That I cannot overcome

Is this quote, unquote


Does this all sound too cliché?

Do you ever feel this way?

Lost in a deep, dark, destitute place,

Humiliated and forlorn

Wondering could I ever be


Does this fill you with dismay?

Have you ever felt this way?

Try as I might, I am eluded in my quest

To find a reason for my existence

Is it useless for me to try and be


Every day is Judgement day

Will this ever go away?

Is this what life was meant to be,

Sleeping, eating, breathing, shitting

Or is this what it means to be


A parody of a buffet

A sickeningly sweet puree

Treacherous promise of perfection

Provocative and lecherous

Cynically I wonder is this


A bitter sweet adventure

Filled with joy, coated in displeasure

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