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The Lockdown

The walls grow closer with each passing day

Time seems to have slowed down

My nerves are torn, tattered and frayed

As I sit here in my nightgown.

COVID-19 roams the World,

Not caring who it infects.

The monster’s wings remain unfurled,

It’s contagiousness unchecked.

I try to keep the world at bay

Keep your distance from me, please!

Do not cough or sneeze my way,

I don’t want this disease.

Yet, as I hunker down in my home,

Some of you don’t care,

Out and about the world you roam,

Seemingly without fear.

Your lack of understanding makes me

Want to slap you upside the head!

What else, I wonder, will it take?

You’re why COVID-19 spreads.

Unless you provide an essential service,

Please obey the quarantine.

Obey the government’s notice,

Stay indoors and keep your hands clean.

This Pandemic many will survive,

But people with underlying conditions,

They may not make it out alive,

Of this much we are certain!

We must all work together,

To collectively flatten the curve.

Remember to thank our health providers,

It’s the least that they deserve.

Stop your selfish hoarding,

Keep apart when you’re outside!

Help to prevent the health system from crashing,

COVID-19 will eventually subside.

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