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How Common Humanity Gets Lost in the Jargon of Inclusivity

Neil Gonsalves was the opening speaker at the 2022 TEDx Trinity Bellwoods conference in Toronto and delivered his TEDx Talk titled, 'How Common Humanity Gets Lost in the Jargon of Inclusivity'

Here is a snapshot of some of the feedback received.

- The talk is thought provoking and challenges us all to do better... Neil is what I like to call a constructive deviant - someone willing to make us uncomfortable by asking why things are the way they are with the primary objective of challenging and improving the status quo. (KB)

- Neil courageously spoke of a hot topic with a nuanced, yet compelling approach. He made a strong point that made a lasting impression on me without being polarizing. (LL)

- What I appreciate about Neil is his ability to help people understand the dilemma immigrants live with when they make a new country their home. He has helped me change the lens I peer through - (LS)

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